Welcome to Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Celebrating our 45th year in business. Thank you all our customers for your patronage over the years as we consider you part of our family.

This is to notify you that we have completed the process of updating our Menu Online.

Due to the Coronavirus We are Open from 11 AM until 8 PM... We have your health and safety in mind.

We have a gluten free menu.

Gift Certificates are Available...!

Welcome to Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria, located in the Plaza 82 Kimberly Corners, off Route 82 in La Grangeville, NY... We have specialized in homemade Italian cuisine and pizza from the Bronx for over 30 years!

When you step in the door, you will find an old-fashioned, family-oriented type of place where the menus are taken by hand and our momma is in the kitchen every morning before dawn preparing her special sauces, dough, lasagnas, and meatballs from scratch. Choose to sit at our bar and tables in the front dining area, or head to the back for a formal dining experience.

A comfortable place with great food all made to order, we have everything from pizza to pasta, seafood to steak. We offer many specialty dishes on our menu, in addition to our weekly specialty dishes, or any specialty dishes you may ask for on-demand. If you don't see it on the menu, just ask. We also offer carryout.

Stop by or call us at 845-223-5308 or 845-227-9708 today to enjoy a fantastic homemade Italian meal or pizza pie!

Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria


Sonny's Restaurant & Pizzeria

In loving memory of Mama and Sonny.